“The Master Carpenter’s Advice.”


I woke up really emotionally today and I don’t care to admit it.  There is nothing wrong really although I could nit pick through my personal drama like anyone else and find something to focus on I am sure.  What I DO know, is that when I feel these intense emotions happening upon waking in the day, I start to move the energy around by lighting candles, burning incense and putting on some meditative music.  I take really slow cleansing deep breathes and I look for nature through the window of my little home.  I try to remember to cherish this quiet little moment.  Well, at least my outer world is quiet.  My inner world is “doing something.” (I could blame it on that mysterious woman thing I guess……………….ah “hem.) 🙂

However, it was just like that, I when I said something to Ed about Jesus giving us the tools to build our own lives and even though we Christians profession to have “obtained salvation” and sometimes think our Spiritual Life is “complete” we still need to reach further than we think we can and access the Tools that the Kingdom of God offer to us NOW as we build our story.  I had a flash of all of these tools hanging in a man’s garage and it was evident by the vision I knew it was time to write.  But do I really have time?  That is a touchy question but I am making time to do so now………

Since I was taught that Jesus is the Master Carpenter of my life, I envision this to mean that he has perfected and performed the manifestation of humanity in the form of skin.  Jesus had eyes and hair and feet and kidney’s.  He had blood flowing through is veins and may have even had a bunion or two on his feet.  (Although I am not sure that would be true since the earth was not so flat with concrete walks and our feet bones had a natural way of acclimating to the earth back then.  Now we walk in high heels and on hard cold broken ground so our feet are less tolerant to the unnatural elements than in the days of old.)

But as Jesus’ role as carpenter, in His message states clear that he knew how to build so then that must be a guy thing right?  I mean guys love tools.  If you walk into Home Depot, there will be a hundred ratchets to choose from.  You can hammer a nail manually or you can use a nail gun.  You can rough sand with a sheet of 320 grit or you can move your choice into a 180 finer grit if you need to smooth out some of those lines in your sand.   (Ah….maybe tools are not such a guy thing after all……I mean how do I know about grit?)

As a woman, it is my job to watch and learn how things are built.  Friendships, Homes, Community, Career.  Well, the last one here, career, has changed in the last 50 years and now women are really grabbing so many more tools than before our intense requirement to earn money and prestige became so important.  In 1802 would a woman have need for so many screw sizes or tape measures?   Nope.  Most of her tools were in the kitchen and in the classroom feeding and nurturing her children from the  breast and the hearth.  A woman’s sense of purpose was to have a healing and teaching identity but not in the aggressive way that today’s society now stigmatizes women.  Heaven forebid you have an outburst of crying at a board meeting or in the grocery store when you are supposed to be shopping for food or school supplies.  But let me tell you, it happens.  It happens to all of us women.  I just get the sanity of writing about it then moving on with great Wisdom to say there is BIG Universal Garage of Tools available to me spiritually and I am going in after them ……thank you Jesus for the vision today.

So when I tell you that I called on specific Angels to help me out this morning, or I forcefully chanted an OM or I whispered a silent, “Help me Jesus” while making hub’s lunch choking back a trail of tears from vunderland….., it is not exaggerating.   Not sure why except to ask am I tired?  Maybe so but I still keep going.  I am just more open about it now…..And as I easily pull an inspiration card or bible verse or tarot card and by looking at the image alone, seem be lifted from sadness in a moment’s time.  (Why would a Christian TOUCH a Tarot Card?  Because I am educated on what their purpose is and why they really exist.  I am not frightened by mislead connotations of such petty worries that I will blow up into a million burning pieces because I see love in all things.)  Just the image alone of Jesus having a huge toolbox of resources for me gives me great hope that my emotional awkwardness is nothing more than an exchange of knowledge.  Knowledge that says, crying is healthy.  Knowledge that says, you can let go of past wounds and really leave them with Him.  Knowledge that says don’t give up your right to stop trying to build your business stage by stage………….or stop making lunch or stop wiping pee off my commode or or toothpaste out of the sink, or stop doing the Laundry, or blah…blah…blah to all the things that we women really hold space for on a given day.

It comes down to concepts.  It comes down to imagery and not trying to over think your body’s mechanisms.  When you are tired and overwhelmed tears are used to refuel you.  When you are insecure and jealous, diarrhea serves as a reminder to let that shit go.   Chakras=Hormones=Healing.  I should get credit for a new concept of meditation.  The CHH method of meditation.

Know what is happening in the chakras and what system relates to your body.

Know your Chakras and what each color is for.

Know your Chakras and Elements of Earth, Air, Water Fire, Metal and Spirit.

Know some symbology whether it is Stoic or Modern.

Know when you have had a Spiritual Vision and from where they are Speaking to You.

Have some favorite Scripture.

Have an accountability for turning to the Master’s Garage and find the tool you need for the day.

Build your Way out of Sadness and Fear!!!!!!

When Jesus came and went, he left us instructions on how to handle the building of this life which are pretty clear so let’s stop complicating it.   I felt shitty when I woke up.  I took control and used tools to bring me back to awareness.  Simple.

And I don’t just leave it up to one method of construction when it comes to building a unique and inspiring life.  Even if I am weeping for a moment or two….It will pass..  I decided to share my moment in the greatest hope someone else needs this vision of Jesus Christ, Master Carpenter as well.

And for those people who think crying is stupid and if looks a little different than how you woke up this morning, don’t judge it.  People who live in glass build houses should never throw stones.




“Ok, I spent the money!”


It is 4am and I am up.  Pacing the floor and holding space for my life and my future.  Am I freaking out?  Hardly.  I am thoughtfully contemplating.

Last week, I contemplated terminating my blog because, well, quite frankly I did not want to spend the $99.  But today, I decided that it was not about the money and I am tired of living my life worried about money.  The one thing I have learned is a fear of lack is one of the most demonic (or negative) connotations of humanity that I have ever seen.  Our country’s foundation was not built on a foundation of lack, so where in the Sam Hill did all this money fear come from?

You see, I had to remind myself that my blogs were as much for myself as they were for anyone that read them.  When I started my blog, it was a way to open up my voice and learn to speak my truth, in love and harming none.  In 2013 I left my daily grind and set sail on a new journey to “find” my center.  “Find my channel and find myself.”  And egotistic or esoteric as that may sound, it is the truth.  And blogging gave me a sense of belong to a society that cared enough about themselves as much as I did to invest a little something into the Power of Return.

Carnally, Money and Sex have been the two most difficult experience most human beings face.  There are other frustrations in life and abuse or severe poverty is a terrible thing but so is mental health and the fact that our lack of awareness when it comes to our patterns and thought processes can be healed.  And I may not be the most educated of people, but I think I am pretty safe in saying I have learned A LOT in the last three years and my opening my practice as a therapist comes from raw and genuine life experiences.   By adding the gift and service of massage to my table is just the icing on the cake.  By helping healers heal the World, I in turn heal.  And though most of my healing has been facilitated by a lot of crazy exercise, some hard core corrective eating habits and learning to lean in for support when support is needed, has earned me the title I will post on business (and heart’s) door.  Therapist.  It’s a big deal.

But truly, with out the opportunity to share my journey online (which is where much of our World lives) I do no think I would have made it this far up the path.  Writing has been a life saver for me.  I LOVE to write as much as I love massage and learning.  Without my “pen” I feel as if my purpose is missing something.  I am addicted to dictionaries, encyclopedia and wikipedia!  I am obsessed with vernacular and learning new language so apparently God knew that when he threw me into the crash course of Sign Language.

Which brings me too….the blog renewal.  Yesterday’s visit clearly indicates that Ed could have permanent damage to the nerves in his ear and is not only clinical difficult to reverse but can progress with more damage later so how to treat.  My first indication as a wife is to break out my tambourine, my Bible, smack him over the head and start praying like a mad woman with all kinds of fervor.  And thought the last part of that statement is actually true, I have also decided to share my story, as I have in the past, and help others realize they are not alone in their journey and somewhere, someone is going through something similar to you.  We are not alone.

Therefore, for those that read and follow my blogs, thank you.  I love you.  And I hope I never offend you with my words but by golly, we need some hard core truth up in this country.  I seek out the truth and the righteousness of man-kind because all this hate and suffrage is ugly and needs to be corralled.

I love you.  Thank you for your prayers.  Now go have a rock star kind of day!


“New Moon in Cancer! A Deep Independent Awaking!”

“New Moon in Cancer! A Deep Independent Awaking!”

Our modern times tell us that tomorrow is the day we gather for celebration with family and friends and honor our Nation at the moment of it’s true birth!  On July 4th we celebrate independence and we marvel at the stars and stripes which hang in our doors, windows and yards and we say “Happy Birthday America! Now Let’s Eat!”  But I would like to bring a deep awareness to another possible “birth” tomorrow and ask you to look at the whole of the picture when it comes to Family, House, Country and Home.

Today, the Heavenly Moon (Home to Cancer) entered her Transit through the current Sun Sign of Cancer at precisely 9:20am Eastern Standard Time.   I actually set my alarm at 5:00 am this morning in hopes that I would take a peek at the crescent moon sliver I had seen yesterday when I awoke.  But the clouds were too thick this morning so Mother Moon’s beautiful vision was not visible to me, the seeker.  However, I am conscious enough to know it really is not always about what you see, but it has much to do with what you know. (or think you know.)

For me, I know that having the Moon in her Native sign of Cancer, precisely on Independence Day during the Sun Sign of Cancer makes for a ton of Family magic!  I already have spotted some great photos on Facebook from my own loved ones who stated the celebration early by gathering and laughing and treating each other with respect and reverence.  (Ok, maybe a few jib-jab jokes and corny childhood stories but I wasn’t there albeit I wish I could have been.)

You see, moving back home this week has been so tiring!  SO, SO tiring for my 43 year old person BUT………………….as you all well know, this chick does not go down easily!  In fact, I worked on several practices for my studies, I unpacked almost everything I had in storage and I erected my sacred space once again for my family, and as Dorothy very well stated, “There is no place like HOME!.”  This my friends, is the energy that tomorrow should bring to you.  And although I was not able to attend our first family function of the weekend, I was able to send love to them even if they did not know it was coming.  I enjoyed the thought of knowing, everyone was having fun and was ok.  I understand I still have a work to do and I cannot be all things to all people and part of my path as an intuitive healer sometimes means I am separate from the moment, however, I am still universally connected when it comes to Love, Home and Family.

This current Cancer Moon and Sun energy is here to represent a host of aspects that Independence Day rings true to.  And in obedience of following my path to write, let me list some great tid-bits about our current astrological placement on July 4th so you don’t think I am just full of burnt hot dogs………:)

  1.  Cancer Sun Astrology focuses on Family.  Point Blank, Family Matters most.  Foundation.  Security.  Sharing.  Unadulterated Loyalty.  Cancer Sun represents a generous portion of Sensitivity and Complexity because you can barely scratch the surface of Cancer Energy.  It is deeper than ANY water sign, including us Scorpios.  (I thought I was deep but now that I am raising a man child with a Cancer Sun Sign and a Scorpio Moon sign, I have realized I am much more shallow than he.) Cancer Sun energy brings a warmth in the room that would make Betty Crocker happy!  It is like the country cooking, scrambled egg eaten’, sweet tea kind of day that makes you want to enjoy the company of others even if your mundane life has been bitter and foul.  It’s a peaceful easy going feeling being around Cancer Sun energy.
  2. Cancer Moon Astrology teaches us that Cancer energy also bears witness to Frailty and  Unpredictability.  Cancer Moon energy can be a bit moody and critical and this should remind you of how you react at family functions when you have a relationship crisis in the immediate family.  On the bright side of the dark side of the moon energy of Cancer however, the pureness of the Cancer quality brings forward the desire to not offend anyone and comes across with a breath of fresh air when rekindling chivalry to function.  Cancer Moon energy provides refreshing harmony with others, and deflects discord just by the nature of a smile or hug.

So, can you see the correlation to tomorrow’s celebrations and how such a day of importance in American society really should be valued not only for establishing independence from Old English societal retorts, but should be remembered as being “The Holiday that Establishes Home.”   I can’t even begin to tell you the emotional reactions I have had since the Sun has entered Cancer back on June 22nd.  What drives me to stop everything and journal my journey thru my drive-thru American life has so much to do with my passion for my fellow men and women, not just in my community circle but I am passionate as well for my country and for our planet.  And if I may I be very blunt……….it seems as if most “generic” days of the year, we are somehow are conjuring up a negative mental connotation of the status of America when we starting talking smack about politics, religion and our state of affairs.  It is quite apparent to me where all of that stems from and so for today, I am asking those that read this blog to join me in spinning your awareness when it comes to celebrating your 4th of July with Family and Friends this year. What if for one minute, you pretended that all that social drama did not exist at your party and focused deeply on what is most important and that is your Core Circle and It’s Branches.  (Big Tree or Tall Tree, it does not matter.  What Matter’s is that you Honor Your Tree no matter how narl’d up those branches become!)

It does make me sad that I don’t always see my family, Father, Mother In Law, Sister in Laws, Nieces, Nephews and the likes there of on a regular basis but don’t think for a minute I don’t have the skills to remote view in and send Lots of Love to each and every person that I have a connection too.  Reiki teaches me fun and technical ways to send Distant Healing and Love to others when I cannot be in their presence. Jesus taught me that I can transcend the restriction of the fleshly body and be in more than one place at once, when he spoke directly to Mary M on the Day of Resurrection then decided to ascend into Heaven and still communicates with us through the Holy Spirit and I don’t see him live and in person much 🙂  Buddha teaches me to ask myself, “How Much Did I Love. How Gently Did I Live? And, How Gracefully Did I Let Go of Things Not Meant for Me?”  The Moon and Her status this holiday weekend reminds me to allow my need to family and nurturing to be met, even if I am a million miles away.

I am just so thankful for my life now.  I am thankful for my knowledge and patience with myself and with others.  I am thankful most today for my Freedom from things that do not serve me.  Today,  I am able to sit in this quiet room, listening to my meditation music, wearing pink lipstick and a pencil in my hair and type, “I write because I love to do so and I love the complexity and courage of those who walk this land with me.  And, even when you (my brothers and sisters) make me mad or sad or act out in the most heinous of ways, there is still a deep love and bond that Americans have together when it comes to protecting our family and our homes, I can still consider myself a loyal and faithful American.” (Thank you Cancer Sun and Moon Energy).

And as a writer, one day when I am dead and gone, maybe just maybe, these heart-felt words I spew will become just as inspirational to unification as are these words so deeply written years before me…………………….

Oh say can you see,
By the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed,
At the twilight’s last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
Through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched,
Were so gallantly streaming.

And thy rocket’s red glare,
Thy bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through thee night,
That our flag was still there.

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


“Here Comes the Summer Solstice Again.”

I don’t even know what to say right now.  I am home, in bed, listening to tunes from some of the greatest artists.  I have spent the last few hours trying to determine why I have such INTENSE Insomnia and it is because of the season of Son.  The Solstice has historically made it’s entry known to me as a time of change each year I have awakened   It is almost too crazy to be “so energized” after days of enormous physical and emotional purging but I like it!  Today, I spent over half the day in the bathroom after a round of monthly liver detox’s over and over, but for some reason, there was no real fear, pain or suffering surrounding the GRAND purge today AND I feel amazing right now!  Everyone has noticed a change in my person and I see it too.  It is wild.  I even see a new me emerging and I am so intrigued.  🙂

What is even cooler is this acute “issue” that has plagued me for months through bacterial host elimination is clearing up so fast after a matter days of asking for prayer AND after $900 in medical expenses and a round of tough mudder Steroids it has been tough, but I don’t care.  The host is leaving me, Praise My Jesus………

And although,  I am NOT a fan of steroids, I am a fan of shifting and healing and this last season of intense emotional release is showing me that these ROOT chakra fears I had about survival no longer serve me and the truth about working hard after personal change and healthy gain, is well worth writing about.

You see, we have new challenges in our lives here at the Goodyear Nomadic Mobile Mansion, and we don’t have time to be freaked out about all this “crap” going on in the bureaucratic world because we are learning to live in pure harmony with others in our own social world…… .  And, I have yet to make a formal comment on the recent events which have peppered out social media with frustration or social opinion about “right and wrong” but if I had one public statement to say about it all, it would be this.

“Did we not say this day was coming?”  And if you think that the racism is new, it is not.  Hitler, Stalin, Rome, Egypt, etc……whatever, we have alway had division.  Wrong as it be, it has always existed.

Now we can decided to just run it into the ground politically because everyone is connected at every move and we can send MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LOVE TO THOSE WHO HURT.

But none the less, I pray that those people affected by this heinous crime recently, come back to life in the resurrection and help “carve out” what it means to really love through the karmic balance of time and space.

These radical movements and haters of hate, are not all one organism either so don’t be fooled in thinking that all this stuff is targeted to making you think all Muslims are terrorist.  They are NOT!  And in the Words of John Lennon, “Imagine ALL the People, living together in perfect harmony, including loving caring brothers of another color……….  It is happening.  All The people are living as one.  It is the non-human form of humanity that has lost their marbles…….Dammit it is not one people against another.  It is a hot and disturbed energy that needs to be tampered with love and coolness.

Did we “Prophetic Pentecostal Holy Ghost Fired Up” people in the 90’s not say look up for the signs of the times were near?” Did we old school “Hot Tempered Pulpit spitting preacher and teachers say”, to watch and pray?  Yes we did…..but now that I am more like s “Buddah-costal”, I realize the old time prophecy was not be used to judge harshly my fellow humans but to help identify a source of global resistance against what we all need to embraces which should be a unity of true hearts……….. : \

Well, that is what I am doing now and I am doing it without hate and judgment over what seems to be like some perverted massive discord and TMI web techy, overload because really, the American people’s frustration and discord over all this killing looks not so much i”normal” nside the homes of the individual people we call American.  So much of this fear is a medioacraric alternative illusion on TV.  ( I think the Pleiadain’s were right…..TV is dangerous if you are not careful……)

This social broadcast of shit playing events over and over again in order to scare the common census is brutal but not effective anymore.  The FCC needs to wake up.

Almost everyone I run into is tired of the hate crimes and the newscast feeding of drama at hand. The inconsistent allowance of judgment and disbanding and disharmony of humanity is wearisome and we are a bit over it.  The facts are that because of a religious or social war the message is that life has become ludicrous.   Many of us common folk actually get along quite well thank you.

And even though my heart is aching for the loss of life in our Orlando Pride community, I can only hope that the strength it took the new generation of Pride community’s took to come out of the closet in this judgmental World, only begin to manifest as A Christ like divine forgiveness for this lost group of hateful people who think killing those that think differently is ok.

It is not ok AND the 10 commandment principle is clear on that!  We can debate and re-interpret and re-invent our belief systems over and over again for decades to come, but I am going to stand right here and say, it is the measure of judgment you use on others that you will be judged.  You can interpret the Word in any way you want and use scripture to your advantage or disadvantage depending on your boundaries……..

Let’s just Stop Killing PEOPLE and just love their energy and let our vibrations be the harmony behind the music of life and love!  Like, sing…..Seriously.  Ra, and Master Jesus and the Gods of the Sun and Moon and Planets and Stars would not have it perfected in any other way!   The veil is open……for now.  Can you see the Sun coming?


Sometime’s I Don’t Know What To Title My Blogs.”

Cool Breeze

Maybe it should be “Cool Breeze”.  Or “Warm Tea”. Or, “Morning Meditation.”  No matter what name I put on this moment, it is me.  Sitting outside a busy hotel .  This is the FIRST morning I have been able to have my breakfast outside because I am not a fan of cold mornings.  I love cool afternoons, but mornings, I don’t like to be cold.  My bones ache to much when I rise so cold mornings are hard for me.  Unless I am bundled up like a cozy camper I don’t do cold mornings.  And right now, I don’t have the desire to throw on arctic gear during a Memorial Day Weekend Morning because it just ain’t right!   Thank you Kentucky!

But aside from the weather, and the fact that the pair of crows which greet me every time I take Tanner for a morning stroll are cawing at me, I really have being mindful of my moment.  When my feet hit the floor today, it was noticeable that I really am not as young as I look.  (Thank you cocoa butter).   I am almost 44 years old.  My childhood heroes are are now pushing it into their 60’s and before long, Lynda Carter and Cher will be dancing with the stars one day in Heaven.   My parents are in their 60’s now too, however, my mother will dare admit we are really twins switched at birth. 🙂  And it was when I struggled to stretch my joints upon rising this morning, that I knew, every movement I make from this day forward should be as mindful as possible because I KNOW it is what you do in your 40’s which will determine your health should you be lucky or blessed enough to live another 20 years.  I think the secret to wellness, is started in your past.  The past may be as recent as yesterday or as distant as your evolution from diapers to drawls.   But hear me this, if you are entering a career such as a Massage Therapist or any type of physical job, in your 40’s, you better make dang sure you are ready to take care of your temple.  I Corinthians 6:19 says I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.  That’s a big deal.  And also living in this wrinkling old flesh, is MY soul, my mind, my spirit and a bunch of electromagnetic data that forms my words, expressions and thoughts as well as actions!

However, I Corinthians 6:19 did not advise me that upon waking every morning after the age of 40 you will enter into the “achy bones” stage of life and you need to prepare for the journey.  So, I dance.  I run.  I drink 64 ounces of water a day.  I eat very little toxic food and I take hundreds of deep cleansing breaths each day as I work, and work and work my way through life so I can keep being “me”.  Dare I say, if it were not for the reminders of Spirit, that I would crash and burn each moment as would about 98% of the rest of you out there.  We pretend invincible but the truth is we are mere mortal and we would do well to begin to bond with your tribe mates and support one another as MUCH as you can, while you quest for wellness. It appears in our more recent times, we are heading toward a society which promotes the survival of the fittest and it remains a mystery how much of American’s future will turn out with our looming political campaigns getting ready to mud-sling like we have never seen.  Poor Politicians.  I bet there were sore when they woke up too. 😦

Listen, the moral of this blog of which I have to title for is this.  Whether you decide to eat a hard boiled egg this morning or a bowl of fruttie tooties, only matters in your own temple.  Your temple is where you grow, cultivate, challenge and expect to find peace after a long hard day’s work.  But don’t be fooled by thinking you are the only one in there making waves about your journey.  Being a human is exceptional and we have many unseen forces cheering us on.  It is hard.  But it is an exceptional expereince if you will keep looking at life with a happy heart!




“Almost a Massage Therapist!”

The rules today say that I am ripe for success!  Yes.  I am following a path that squares up with my spirit and I am almost to the home stretch.  I am almost, a massage therapist.  Now, being a therapist holds a big responsibility in all respects.  It means, I have clients, expenses, taxes and credits.  It means I have to market my mission to willing listeners and invoice a small fee in order to feed my family and grow my practice.  It means, there will most days, be a human on my table or chair.  It means I promote my story behind office chairs and massage chairs, selecting carefully how I recommend treatment for their ailments.

I am not a doctor Spoc, but I am almost a massage therapist.  As a massage therapist, I get to blend aromas and temperatures and provide you with beautiful sound in order to help you relax.  As a massage therapist, I get to help you remember that there are birds out there and the sound of water is not deafening like our environments and the use of technology that pierces our ears.  As a massage therapist (and a late bloomer at it) I get to squeeze your traps and remind you to put your scaps in your chaps.  As a massage therapist, I better learn to love what I do because I will have hundreds of clients to keep a record for and doing it with HIPPA privacy is critical in our sue-happy world.

But the best news of all, as a massage therapist, I get to be me.  The really Holly Goodyear. Who pretends to be multi-personalitied for fun and make you laugh, cry, dance and sign, when life throws you a bowl of dung, or you just don’t feel well.  My practice will always promote a mission of well-being.  And there is not one method or channel that will fix us, but it is about listening to your body.  I will be honest about what I think.  I will not talk in your session unless you choose it.  But I can listen.  I can share with you what helped me become stronger and more willing to take personal responsibility for my health.  I can list you a thousand things that get me moment by moment through my day.  Much of it, I share on social media.  I don’t care.  It is my screen.  I always wanted to be an actress.  Just ask that little girl from Parthenia who danced in shiny outfits and sang Kiss songs into her hairbrush.  I get to push aside things that do not serve me and I get to learn how to open my heart towards a society that is nothing more dramatic than a hot mess.

I am almost a massage therapist and I am going to make a suggestion.  If you want to book an appointment with me you might want to do it now.  With all these hundreds of student massages I have done, I have a feeling I am going to be real busy!  Look out Louisville, it is time our people find their channel and find their freedom!  Let’s become the healthiest city within in the sickest state and make a difference!


Holly Goodyear

Reiki Master and Student Massage Therapist

ULC Minister

“I Don’t Have Time For This!” Uh, Yeah Ya Do!”

Five thirty am.  FIVE-THIRTY!  That is me screaming in caps that is it really early and I really don’t have time for a blog right now but if I do not do it, it will eat at me for days and require me to journal anyway.  So, why do I do it?  Because I know there is someone out there that reads this and says, “you go girl!”  The support of sisterhood and family I have in my life is the most incredible fuel.  The cheering from the Facebook stands says “Hurray, Open Your Space!”  And that is so helpful to me.  And it is not that I need approval from anyone to follow my dreams but seeing those beautiful photo faces behind the screen tells me that there really is a world of people out there that love, serve and support another.   And of course, I am going to need clients.

So why would you want to come see a massage therapist who blogs about all of her measures and feels that open communication is the most real and affective way to live a happy life?  Isn’t that violating HIPPA?  The answer is NO!  HIPPA is about your privacy not mine!  And more truthfully, it is about protecting your health records and your identity from theft.  HIPPA has nothing to do with why I write like a journalist and use my hands to massage another.  I do it because I love.

Yes, I love the path I am on but today, I am tired and sore.  I drive to Louisville 4 days this week and I have the next 7 days under the wheel as well, for one reason or another.  Building a space takes time, money and determination.  Because believe me, I am on my third set of curtains and I am tired of taking “stuff” back.  My QL is killing me.  My erectors and tight and my right supraspinatus is cranky.   I have a quiz on Monday of which I have not studied for and I am about to embark on a huge event tomorrow with my peer, down on Louisville’s Water Front.  I don’t know how I find the time to do laundry, dishes, take the dog pee, exercise and stay away from unhealthy foods.  And to top it off, I have realized how wheat sensitive I am and I have a rash that is taking forever to leave.  Boo Boo’s hurt:(. (No it is not contagious).  It is from a serious liver detox.  And, I am safely reducing my intake of alcohol, caffeine and white refined sugar.  And wheat.  Do you know how hard that is in today’s society?  Oh, and I am becoming fluent in sign language.  That is not an option now and my son well, I try and talk deep to him but he is a boy you know???

But I chive on and with Ferver!  My passion for life is unquenchable and my drive for excellence in my career is immeasurable.  I am the underdog!  The small business that starts with nothing and will be measured by the success by a worldly ratio.  “Will she fail?  Will she take this brand of Reiki understanding to the next level?  Will she compliment her company one day with middle aged women fitness techniques and cool and jazzy marketing and brand and household products that scream, wellness! Will she help create awareness of harmful environmental stressors and reduce the use of harsh chemicals at home and teach you how to channel stress out of your life!  Will Holly help people learn to mindfully reduce obesity and limit their risk of disease? (notice I said risk of disease.  Only doctors can prescribe and diagnose.  We holistic people just try to prevent the disease from happening but sometimes it just does.)  Will she …….make it?”


Will I be able to get my butt up out of this bed and close this laptop so that I can go take back curtains again?  In Louisville!   Will Lola be able to set a straight iron curtain rod and I can learn to use a drill again?  Will the carpet in my office match my things?  Will the money be there to support all off this cray cray?   Will my husband lose his hearing completely and will I be able to fund us at home while he seeks change and will I be able to support a new business?  Will I grow old?  Will my kids ever have grandchildren?  Will my stories ever amount to anything?  Will I be a good massage therapist?  Oh, wait……I know the answer to that one!  YES I WILL!  I am pretty good at this and I can safely say, if you have had one session with me, it would help me if you had another:)

My Massage Packages will be very affordable.  I want as many people on my table as willing to try massage therapy!  So many people have NEVER had a massage!  Send me bodies!  My practice massage scheduled is almost full!  (Which is why I drive home so much!:)

The space will be pleasant and inviting.  My logo is wild and crazy, just as I am but my new space will make feel like you stepped into a place to sit and relax.  To take the edge off for a day.   That is just how it goes!

My Interior design specialist guru says it MUST be inviting……And besides, my lava lamp looks better at home so I can keep dancing as a work out my busy home days………so the intense color has to stay out of the studio room.  It is invigorating and stimulating! “I love my logo!”

BUT LISTEN, I need your help!   If you are seriously considering a massage gift for a friend this summer or Christmas buy them a gift certificate to the The Reiki Station!  Because as booked up as I am now with free massages, if I can get 1/3 of what I am doing know on the table as a new client, I will set the tone for success and happiness to come.   You see I am scared a bit.  Being a single entity business owner is scary and responsible.  It takes skill, effort and sometimes your life.  (I don’t want that but right now, this business is my life as of today and I am so happy it is a good one!)

My frans and loved one’s, I know that I could just move on and not write a blog on here when I have so much to do but I tell you this…..  I don’t recommend everyone go out and try to start a business on their own because it is not for everyone.  But if this blog reacher one person who is trying to find their way in life and you need someone to remind ou how human and challenged we are really are, and it helps you, then I have served well.  Sitting here alone, reminds me that we are not alone.  And I have to give THANKS and GRATITUDE for everyone and to God that he has told me I can do this!

So, in all sincerity peeps, whether you ever schedule a massage with me our not, know that I love you and are in my heart and my prayers.  Whether you agree with what I am doing or not, I hope you can see past the insanity of it all and realized I am dealing with hundreds of people a year and every time I think about quitting all this mess, I think of you.  I think of Us.  I think that we can all find our channel and freedom from stress.  It comes in ways we do not understand but if you will set a course of action and at least try something new, you may just find life to be music to your hearts.